Lonnie Wheeler has this column in the Post, musing about how the Reds roster “moving toward Krivsky’s model.” You know what that means: pitching, defense, and Minnesota Twins:

If the 2007 Reds are to discontinue their six-year losing streak, it will have to be by dint of defense and Krivsky’s imagination, commodities that share space in the same executive brain. The latter has served the Reds rather well in the year and more that the Duke grad has been here, in spite of the public grumbling over the loss of Felipe Lopez and Austin Kearns for a couple of relief pitchers who still haven’t done much.

Wait a minute…Krivsky went to Duke? I have questioned some of his moves, but I didn’t know he was evil.

On a more serious note, you can go read Wheeler’s article, but understand that it is largely a wet sloppy kiss to Krivsky’s cheek. You get the clear message that Wheeler thinks very little of anyone who would dare criticize Krivsky.