Okay, I just wanted to use shenanigans in a title.

Anyway, the roster has been set…kinda. Milton is on the DL (retroactive to 3/23), and Victor Santos is gone, or maybe not. For now, the roster contains only 24 guys:

Pitchers (11)
Bronson Arroyo
Matt Belisle
Jared Burton
Todd Coffey
Rheal Cormier
Jon Coutlangus
Aaron Harang
Kyle Lohse
Kirk Saarloos
Mike Stanton
David Weathers

Infielders (6)
Juan Castro
Jeff Conine
Edwin Encarnacion
Alex Gonzalez
Scott Hatteberg
Brandon Phillips

Outfielders (4)
Adam Dunn
Ryan Freel
Ken Griffey Jr.
Josh Hamilton

Catchers (3)
David Ross
Javier Valentin
Chad Moeller

So what does Wayne Krivsky have up his sleeve? Says Rosencrans:

Wayne said they’re down to 24 and there will be 25 tomorrow. It “could be Santos, it could be someone else. It could be somebody here, it could be someone not here.”

Oh, how I’d love to be in Krivsky’s office to hear all the machinations as they decide who that 25th guy is.

All in all, other than the absurdity of having three catchers, I think this is a pretty good roster. Certainly with the pitching staff, they’ve probably picked the best group out of those available.

We’ll keep you posted on the rumors and fact surrounding the 25th roster spot. My guess is the final spot is between Santos and Bobby Livingston (why they would keep 12 pitchers, especially with all the off-days early, is a mystery to me, but…). Or a trade. Or Clay Carroll could make a comeback. Who knows?