Recently, a group of the finest Reds bloggers in the land got together to discuss the upcoming season. I think you’ll agree that it was a very interesting conversation. Redleg Nation contributor Chris participated, and below you’ll find Part V of the roundtable discussion.

The other sections of the discussion will be at the sites of the participants listed below. If they have already posted their parts, I will have a link directly to that post; if not, I will link to their blog’s index page and I will update the link when the transcript gets posted.

Part I: Daedalus from Church of Baseball
Part II: Blade from Cutting Edge
Part III: Clint from Olde 320 Pub
Part IV: Shawn, the original
Part V: Chris from Redleg Nation
Part VI: Tim Mo from RaReMaDev
Part VII: Shawn from Redlegs Rundown

Here’s Part Five:

sweaver: All right, let’s move to another topic.

sweaver: Jerry Narron…fired in season, lasts the year, back next year?

Blade: He’ll last the year but then he’ll be gone

daedalus: yeah, unfortunately

Chris @ RLN: Definitely makes it through the season. Not sure about next.

320Pub_Clint: although I don’t like it, he will be back next year

Blade: Krivsky will then get his man, whoever that is

Tim Mo: all the other guys are just nice guys

daedalus: i wanted lou for this year

Check out the rest beneath the fold:

Chris @ RLN: I don’t have much problem with Narron. He’s not good, but not bad, either. Managers are overrated, IMO.

Tim Mo: lou pinella? no way

daedalus: 1990

sweaver: I’m not a big Lou Piniella fan at this point…he was
good when he was with the Reds

Blade: I thought that too Chris until I saw what happened here in Detroit

320Pub_Clint: narron sucks

Chris @ RLN: Narron has his weaknesses, but at least we’re not bunting all the time.

Tim Mo: jerry narron has probably a couple more years left, but if it’s around 80 wins, they can only take so much of that

sweaver: There aren’t too many Jim Leylands, Blade

daedalus: davy johnson is still available

Blade: Pinella is still riding the team that Rose built. He hasn’t done much since

320Pub_Clint: he isn’t as bad as boone or knight, but I still don’t think he is any good

sweaver: I say Narron lasts the year, and at least starts next year.

Blade: Davey Johnson would be cool

Chris @ RLN: The prior staff laid all the groundwork in DET. But sometimes a change of pace makes a huge difference. The question will be how Leyland does in the next 3-4 years.

Chris @ RLN: Johnson I like.

Tim Mo: i think management likes narron a lot more than we do

sweaver: I like Davey Johnson too, but for some reason he can’t get a job

320Pub_Clint: yeah Davey was my fav

Blade: I’ve always liked Larry Dierker too

sweaver: I am a Dierker fan.

daedalus: 94-95. we were robbed!!!

320Pub_Clint: i think the Expos would have beat us in the NLCS in 94

daedalus: maybe, but it would have been a damn good series

320Pub_Clint: true

sweaver: True that

sweaver: I think Narron is a middle-of-the-road manager. Not
that good, but not that bad.

sweaver: Not Jim Leyland good, not Dusty Baker or Charlie Manuel bad.

Tim Mo: he is very vanilla except for his creative lineups

320Pub_Clint: I just don’t like how Jerry constructs his line ups. example: EE should bat 3rd and BP should bat 5th

daedalus: yeah, lineups are not jerry’s strong suit. or bullpen

320Pub_Clint: i also don’t like jerry’s obsession with older players.

Chris @ RLN: I actually liked the way he used his bullpen and rotation last year – at least until the ‘pen melted down. He rides the hot hand, and gives the bulk of his innings to his best pitchers.

daedalus: you liked the use of ryan franklin every time you knew he would blow it?

Chris @ RLN: I don’t know if the obsession with vets is Narron’s or Krivsky’s. Narron’s not the guy who left all the relievers at AA and traded for Rheal Cormier and Ryan Franklin and…

320Pub_Clint: lol at the franklin comment

sweaver: Most managers are obsessed with vets. GMs have to fight that

320Pub_Clint: yeah i see your point there Chris. But Krivsky wasn’t the one that kept EE on the bench for so long

Chris @ RLN: The EE situation was a definite pet peeve. No points for that.

sweaver: There was no excuse for benching EE. That’s all on Narron.

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