From Kevin Kelly at the Enquirer:

Milton, a left-hander, was supposed to make his final spring training start Saturday but stayed in Cincinnati because of lower back spasms and will be evaluated this morning by team medical director Tim Kremchek.


“Hopefully it’s nothing serious and have to miss a start,” Reds manager Jerry Narron said of Milton, who allowed 10 earned runs on 23 hits in 132/3 innings in four Grapefruit League starts.

Anyone buying this? Anyone? Lance McAlister isn’t either…from Lance’s blog:

Things I’m told
This probably won’t shock you, but I’m told Eric Milton is not really hurt……The Reds will attempt to put him on the “Phantom DL” to buy some time on what to do with him.

On the one hand, I’m thrilled that it appears the Reds are aware that this is someone that could cost them a chance to compete for a division title. Games given away in April cost just as much as games lost due to a collapse in September.

But I’d have more faith if I truly believed they’ll pull the plug on him and let him walk. Krivsky’s had no problem with cleaning house on other Bowden and O’Brien decisions, this one should be a “no brainer”.

UPDATE (by Chad): A conspiracy theory.