The Sporting News decided to get inside the heads of some players in each division, and today they featured the National League Central. I’m surprised they were able to get inside Ryan Freel’s head, with Farney taking up all that room:

SN: Do you finally feel like an everyday player?

Freel: It’s always been, ‘He’s going to play, but where?’ I’d come into spring and every position would be filled by somebody who was a prospect or a big name. But there’s more of a crack in the door this year than there has ever been. I’d like to think I’ll get more playing time and there’s more of a spot for me on the field, more so than the other years.

SN: How long does it take for you to slow down in the offseason?

Freel: As hyper as I am, I really thought this year was good for me in the offseason. I did a lot of fishing and hunting. I didn’t think much about baseball at all. That’s very different for me. I think I mentally took a break for the first time in my career. I feel great.