Well, Norris Hopper is going to the disabled list, it appears, so Chad Moeller will evidently be on the Opening Day roster.

Absolutely foolish to have three catchers with the roster composed as it currently is. Especially so when it’s Chad Moeller, who can’t pinch-hit either. As I said in a comment below, this isn’t an earth-shattering move that is going to keep the Reds from winning the division. In the big picture, it’s fairly insignificant. But that doesn’t make it any less a dumb roster decision.

Of course, if the presence of Chad Moeller means that Dewayne Wise will stay in AAA, I’ll take Moeller. At least Jerry Narron won’t be tempted to put Moeller in the game as a defensive replacement for Adam Dunn during the later innings of close games. Let Wise suck up outs in Louisville, I say. I’d prefer the Reds stick Moeller on the bench and play with 24 players.