Lots of questions, speculation, and discussion about the composition of the Reds Opening Day roster. Here’s a roundup.

— John Fay says the roster is getting clearer.

Rosencrans agrees that it appears the Reds will go north with three catchers. Ugh.

In the Post, Rosencrans also notes that Victor Santos still has a shot at that last bullpen slot. I don’t have a problem with giving Santos a shot in that role. No one else really stands out, so it’s a crap shoot, as far as I’m concerned.

Over at Reds Rally, Joe Schmoe doesn’t see a problem with keeping Moeller on the roster.

— Tyler Hissey has some thoughts on the roster over at Redlegs Rundown.

— Doug has some interesting news about the possibility that super-prospect Jay Bruce will be in AA Chattanooga soon.

— Bobby Livingston: close but no cigar, says Mark Sheldon. Rosencrans and John Fay agree. Sounds like Livingston has a great attitude about his demotion. As I said earlier, don’t be surprised to see him in Cincinnati very soon.

Kyle Nagel on Jared Burton, the unlikely leader in the clubhouse for that last bullpen slot. As with Santos, I have no problem with this. Throw these relievers against the wall and see which one sticks.