From the DDN:

Interesting comments from manager Donnie Scott (who managed Dayton when they had good teams):

“You’re going to like this team. This team has ballplayers.”
“Everyone deserves credit for this group,” Scott said. “From Rick Burleson (who managed Billings last summer) to the coordinators to the scouting department for signing these guys.

“This will be the best team we’ve had (in Dayton) since 2001, and it may be better. It may not have quite as much power, but the power is there. These guys know how to run the bases. They know how to hit, field. We’ve got pitching.

“This team could compete in Class AA. I’m telling you, this team has a chance to be real good.”

I know the season hasn’t started, but these are pretty bold words.

Dayton’s projected roster had 26 players, one over the limit — the Dragons’ starting lineup seems set.

Tony Esquer is expected to be the starting catcher with Logan Parker at first base, Justin Turner at second, Juan Francisco at third and Chris Valaika at shortstop.

The outfield will be Chris Heisey, Denis Phipps and Drew Stubbs.

Sean Watson, a relief pitcher last season, will start Thursday, on Opening Day at Fifth Third Field.


The rest of the roster: catchers Eddie Rodriguez and Justin Tordi; infielders Jason Louwsma and Billy Rojo; outfielder Gerardo Cabrera; and pitchers Jamie Arneson, Darryl Thompson, Rafael Gonzalez, Lee Tabor, Misael DeJesus, Marcos Mateo, Pedro Viola, Ramon Geronimo, Jose Rojas and Robert Manuel.

No real surprises, maybe Francisco in front of Louwsma at 3B…I’m wondering if Ravin and Dorn from last year’s Billings team are headed for Sarasota. Be interesting to see Sarasota’s roster when it comes out.