Red Hot Mama has arrived in Sarasota to begin her great spring training adventure. I look forward to her dispatches from the Grapefruit League.

UPDATE: The reports and pics are already pouring in. First, here’s a report, with photos, of Junior in right field. Next, I really enjoyed this post:

I don’t know if it’s Bob Castellini’s influence or if everyone was just in a good mood yesterday, but everyone we interacted with at the stadium was friendlier than in previous years. The woman at the souvenir stands was a character, the people selling the pizza and nachos were chatty, and the players were anxious to give the autographs.

As if they somehow knew that I’d be in attendance on the right-field line, Red after Red came up to the wall to sign autographs. Since we were sitting just beyond the end of the tarp, they all came up right in front of us. If I were an autograph collector, it would have been a great day for me.

Go read the entire report, and check out the photos. Man, I’m jealous…wish I were in sunny Sarasota, too.