Josh Katzowitz wonders who will nab the final roster spot: Chris Denorfia or Norris Hopper. I’m not sure the choice comes down to those two, but if it does, the choice should be easy. In my opinion.

UPDATE: Doc thinks that Bubba Crosby is going to be the choice for that last roster spot, and he opines:

Does this bother me? Yes and no. I believe that 95% of the time the cream rises to the top. If Denorfia keeps on his path, he’ll get a chance when Crosby hits .187 through the first two months. If Crosby hits .300 with five game-winning homers, Chris might as well add another room to his sprawling Kentucky estate. But that’s okay!

If we never see Denorfia at all in 2007, that likely means whoever the Reds kept is doing well. And that’s what matters: the Reds coming out ahead.

Root for specific guys all you want, but it’s a crowded landscape. If Wayne Krivsky sends equine parts UPS Brown to the Denorfia freehold and hauls Rolando Roomes out of blissful retirement in Jamaica just in time for the forty-five-year-old Room-ees to make three game-saving catches and bloop four game-winning singles over drawn-in infields, then that’s the important part: the outcome. Wins for the team.

What drives myself and the rest of the fans crazy is when players are kept around despite poor results because they have past reputations. It takes attentive managers, scouts, and GMs to notice when a player’s just slumping and when he just doesn’t have it. For a backup player that gets twenty or thirty at-bats in a month, that’s a fine line.

Baseball isn’t that much different than life- seniority in the beginning, but meritocracy in the end.