I’m listening to Marty and Brantley complain about how several well-performing, promising young relievers aren’t going to make this club – but should. Specifically, they named Jon Coutlangus, Jared Burton, and Victor Santos.

This is what happens when you fill your entire roster will “proven veterans” with long-term, significant-money contracts. You lose flexibility and end up with a less-than-ideal team. Before at least one commenter goes off on a rant, I’m not saying that they should go with rookie relievers entirely. I amsaying that they had some nice young arms in the system as of last year, added a couple more in Burton and Santos, yet can’t do anything with them, because they’re full-up with Stanton, Cormier, Weathers, Majewski, (on DL), and Saarloos. Put those guys together, and they’re earning some money, too.

Krivksy has some nice depth, sure. But this isn’t the first time that his preference for veterans and his aversion to risk (i.e. uncertainty) led him to jump into some moves that he might regret later.