Dave Lowenthal posted this on the Reds Listserv List:

So this Burton guy looks great and the Reds want him. Except, according to Fay, they’d need to probably get rid of one of their lefties (they could “live with” 2 lefties in the bullpen, he says….no kidding, I say).

Anyways, the obvious guy to go is Cormier. Naturally, though, no one wants him because he’s got a big contract. Why does he have a big contract? Because of that stupid deal Krivsky made (that some here said had no downside) when he not only traded that 5th starter candidate (can’t remember his name), but also *reworked Cormier’s contract*. Cormier didn’t do squat, and that reworking of his deal (adding a good bit of money to his option year and picking it up) is likely going to lead to Burton being offered back to Oakland.

That is just ridiculous. A bad, bad deal.

I guess another idea would be to just cut Cormier, but you know they’re not going to do that or pay someone to take him…but the question is, why did Krivsky want him and why extend his deal?