Yesterday, I reminded Bo that we wanted to hear about how he was doing also….got this report overnight:

Hey sorry I haven’t been giving you updates on me but I haven’t really pitched. I’ve only thrown one inning so far and had a walk,ground ball that was either scored a hit or error I don’t know, then a pop up, and then a strikeout. They rolled the inning after the strikout for pitch count. They fouled a ton of balls off! I’m pitching tomorrow so I’ll let you know how I do. By the way, Logan (Parker) is killing the ball. That guy can hit.

So, we get a short report on Bo and a quick report on our other “Spotlight Player” who seems to be doing pretty well himself. I’m not making comparisons, but the first time I met Bo, we were talking in the stands during a GCL game and he was telling about how well Jay Bruce could hit. So, he knows how to spot good hitters, which, IMO, bodes well for Logan Parker.