Bo was kind enough to send an early camp report from the minor league camp.

Hey sorry I don’t have anything too eventful but I do remember Drew Stubbs hitting a homer today and Jay Bruce got into the big league game and got a hit.  The AA and AAA teams were on the road today (Pirates) and even though I’m on the AA roster right now, I stayed back because I’m not available to pitch until tomorrow.  That doesn’t mean I’ll break with AA because as more guys come down from big league camp, the more get bumped down to the next team.  I don’t really know the names of many of the new guys and that was who I watched today so sorry again I can’t give you much information.  Today was the first day of games in case you didn’t know.   We play the Orioles tomorrow so I’ll give you all the details I remember.

I have recently met 2006 draftee Logan Parker and told him to be sure and meet Bo when he got to ST. He emailed me the other day and said that he’d met Bo, his words? “good guy and throws hard”.

Watch for more reports from the Reds Minor league camp…