Interesting comments in an article from Hal McCoy:

Jim Tracy, manager of the Pirates says:

“The Hamilton situation is very interesting,” Tracy said. “I’ll tell you this, the kid is a legitimate backup outfielder and a good left-handed bat off the bench and gives the Reds a good platoon situation. Those kinds of players are hard to find.”

But Tracy says it is best to sit and wait.

“When the season begins, the game speeds up,” he said. “Baseball moves very fast and it moves even quicker during the season than during spring training. It moves up an octave. You see a lot of players do great things in spring, but when the season begins it is a different matter. It seems every camp has a situation where somebody steps forward and we’re all looking for that.”

I agree. The kid has done enough to make the team, but he’s not done enough to be an everyday starter, you shouldn’t earn that in one spring training. But I like Tracy’s ideas of using him in limited opportunities and see how he does.