Nice article in the Enquirer by John Erardi:

Eighteen years after he was banned from Baseball, Pete Rose is about to be feted in his hometown.

“There will never be another sports figure like Pete Rose – and maybe that’s a good thing,” said Rose fan Greg Smith, 56, of West Chester. Smith started watching Rose during Rose’s rookie season in 1963. That’s when Smith collected his first Rose item, a baseball signed at a public appearance at MacGregor Sporting Goods company.

“Every Reds player since Pete has been measured against him,” Smith said. “And nobody can match the way he played the game, and all that he achieved.”

A quote by Sparky Anderson will greet visitors to the exhibit. Anderson took over as Reds manager in 1970, when Rose was a 28-year-old two-time defending batting champion.

“He is Cincinnati,” reads Anderson’s quote.

That statement is displayed atop a 13-foot-by-9 foot photo of Rose standing in the on-deck circle at Riverfront Stadium getting ready to hit.

“He’s the Reds,” continues the quote.

Like him or hate him — if you grew up in this area in the ’60s and ’70s, he WAS the Reds. Morgan had better years in ’75 and ’76, Bench was more revered by the community, but Pete Rose was loved by the guy in the corner bar. Every kid on every little league team wanted to wear #14 and ran to first base.

When you thought of the Cincinnati Reds, you thought of Pete Rose.

I’m looking forward to getting down there and checking out this exhibit.