John Fay has the annual spring article on all of the competition to make the Reds opening day roster. It’s thought-provoking, if only for all the variables that are involved in who makes the final cut:

Picking the roster on March 5 is a tricky proposition. But you can get a pretty clear picture of the 25 players the Reds will bring north.

In the Reds’ case, there are two big variables: Will they go with two or three catchers? Will they go with 11 or 12 pitchers?

Either way, one thing is certain: There are not a lot of spots up for grabs. In fact, if you count Josh Hamilton as on the roster – and we are – 23 of the 25 spots are pretty much spoken for. And, if they go with 12 pitchers, only one spot for a position player is open.

Listed as players on the bubble, as far as position players, are Mark Bellhorn, Chris Denorfia, Norris Hopper, Bubba Crosby, and Chad Moeller.

I’ll say this: Moeller shouldn’t even be in the discussion. Further, Denorfia shouldn’t even be in the discussion; he should be a lock to make the roster.

Out of the rest of that group, I wouldn’t mind seeing any of Hopper, Bellhorn, or Bubba make the team. Any of them could competently fill the role of 25th man. Frankly, I think Bellhorn is going to make the team, as he’s the only infielder on the list. That’s just a feeling that I have, based on little evidence other than Narron’s statements of how much he likes Bellhorn’s “versatility.”