Everyone’s favorite new Red has finally had a setback this spring:

Opposing pitching has yet to slow down Reds outfielder Josh Hamilton this spring, but sore legs temporarily have.

Because he’s been bothered by shin splints, Hamilton will be rested from Tuesday’s game against the Devil Rays at St. Petersburg.

The overall No. 1 draft pick by Tampa Bay in 1999, Hamilton’s first return to the area as a visiting player was expected to draw some extra attention. He was part of the Rays organization during his near four-year absence from the game because of drug suspensions and injuries and never reached the Majors as greatly anticipated.

“I’ve had it the last week and a half,” Hamilton said of his injury. “But I know people will think I’m not going because of who we’re playing.”

Hurry back, Josh! How else can you earn that spot in the starting lineup if you aren’t playing?