Lots of interesting items in the local papers today. Here’s a roundup:

–On Marty and Thom Brennaman, Hal McCoy has this, Trent Rosencrans wrote this piece, and Rick Bird also has this in the Post. The DDN also had this self-critique by Marty and Thom.

I have to tell you, I’ve enjoyed the coverage of this story. Marty has been part of the family for my entire life, practically, and it’s been fun to watch (and listen to) this unfold. Maybe it’s because I have a young son.

–John Fay notes that Paul Wilson is back on the mound:

But the story of the day was Wilson.

He came into camp as a non-roster invitee. He was considered a long shot to win the fifth spot in the rotation, but he has impressed everyone with the way he has thrown.

Being on the mound with a crowd in the stands and facing guys in different uniforms is an entirely different thing.

“I was nervous,” Wilson said. “It’s been awhile since I’ve been out there.”

Wilson gave up a wind-blown home run and an unearned run.

“He should be happy with the way he threw,” Reds manager Jerry Narron said.

I’m rooting for Wilson — he seems like such a good guy — but I’m not sure where he fits in with this organization.

–In the Enquirer, Kevin Kelly provides an update on three old friends:

A film crew spent the past few days at Space Coast Stadium coaxing several Nationals players into acting for a series of TV commercials that will air this year.

Austin Kearns and Felipe Lopez took the spotlight Wednesday.

The Nationals, like their broadcast partner, consider the right fielder and second baseman part of the team’s core. Included in the group is relief pitcher Ryan Wagner, the third player acquired in an eight-player trade with the Reds last summer.

“To get two players the caliber of Kearns and Lopez that are just entering their prime, and then you get a guy like Wagner, who has setup, closer-type of stuff, it was just a terrific trade,” said Manny Acta, the Nationals’ first-year manager.

Yeah, don’t remind me.

–As expected, lots of info on the Dustin Hermanson signing in the Enquirer, Post, and DDN. I still like this signing. It’s a no-risk proposition…though I do wonder, as Chris does, why nobody else was offering more than a non-guaranteed deal of $500k.

–Hal McCoy couldn’t help discussing Josh Hamilton’s mammoth homerun yesterday:

Josh Hamilton and Mark Bellhorn were peering out a clubhouse window that afforded a view of the 30-foot high batter’s eye atop the center-field wall, 400 feet from home plate.

They were discussing whether Hamilton’s home run cleared the 30-foot wall above the fence or also cleared the flags another 10 feet above the batter’s eye.

“All I know,” said Hamilton, “is that’s the farther and hardest I ever hit a ball.”

–Here’s why you should root for Ken Griffey, Jr. By the way, Lonnie Wheeler reported on Griffey’s first swings of the spring.

Meet Jerry Gil! Ummmm….if you want to, that is.

–I was listening to the MLB channel on XM Radio this morning, and one of the Yankee pitcher was talking about all the great former Yankees that were always around camp, offering advice and helping out. So when I saw this headline in today’s Enquirer, I couldn’t wait to read it: “Vets pass along wisdom, work ethic“.

Unfortunately, the vets to which the Enquirer refers are Jeff Conine and Scott Hatteberg. Reggie Jackson, they aren’t. 🙂