Tim Mo has broken down the Reds’ outfield situation pretty well here. After Dunn, Griffey, and Freel, here’s how he sees it:

They want you to think that Conine is #4, and that could be true. I’d rather not see it. I’d rather see that man get STRICT platooning at first base, relieving Hatteberg (or Votto) only when necessary. I’ve got nothing against the man, we just don’t need him around all that much. Making relief appearances at first base should be enough. No need to hog any outfield spots. But, if we’re sticking to the script, that’s four.

I agree, but I’m afraid Conine is a lock to play a lot of outfield this year. Who does that squeeze out?

I’m afraid it means Denorfia won’t make the roster. I think they’ll keep Josh Hamilton rather than return him to the Rays. What is unfortunate about that, as Tim notes, is that Denorfia really should be starting in CF for the Reds (with Freel playing five days a week at a different position every day).