Posts like this one are why I think it’s great when a beat-writer takes blogging seriously — as Trent Rosencrans does. It’s a nice forum for little nuggets that won’t make it into the printed edition of the paper. Plus, we get anecdotes like this one:

Whatever happens the rest of the day, I’m good. It’s not every day you get a compliment on your baseball skills from a future Hall of Famer. Today I did.

While I was standing around while the players were warming up, a ball got past Ken Griffey Jr. and came to me. I bobbled the grounder, but I picked the ball up and threw it back.

After he caught it (and it was a strike, I must add), Junior just looked at me for a second.

“What?” I said.

“Nice overhand motion. I like it,” Junior responded.

“Hey man, I’m fundamentally sound,” I said.

And that was it. My dad will be very proud.

Very cool.