Since it’s that time of year, when the beat writers are struggling to find stories until the games begin, I bring you today’s profiles of Scott Hatteberg and Norris Hopper.

Honestly, though, there are some compelling stories surrounding these two players. Hatteberg doesn’t have to worry about a roster spot, after last year’s outstanding campaign, and the rejuvenation of his career has been fairly startling. I really hope he can repeat that success, but at Hatteberg’s age, I wouldn’t bet the ranch on it. Let’s hope he hits well and that Joey Votto pushes him; that would be the best-case scenario for this club.

Norris Hopper, of course, may have the best “back-story” of anyone in camp not named Josh Hamilton. Heck, maybe better than Hamilton, even. I’d love to see Hopper somehow snag the 25th roster spot, just to have the guy around. I’d be very surprised if that happened, even if Manager Jerry Narron chose to go with just 11 pitchers. Narron would have to beat out Chris Denorfia, Hamilton and, heck, Bubba Crosby in order to make the Opening Day roster.

I just can’t see that happening, but Hopper is due for a little luck.