Over at BP, Jay Jaffe has this post on what happened today with the Veterans Committee:

Moments ago, the Hall of Fame announced the Veterans Committee voting results, and as the “new VC” has done twice before, they laid a goose egg despite the presence of a handful of eminently qualified candidates on the ballot. Ron Santo, who towers head-and-shoulders over every other playing candidate, toppped the voting at 69.5 percent, meaning he fell five votes short of election. Also topping 50 percent among players were Jim Kaat (63.4), Gil Hodges (61), and Tony Oliva (57.3). Besides Santo, the two other candidates that the JAWS system tabbed as worthy weren’t even close. Joe Torre received 31.7 percent, down from his 2005 total of 45 percent. That’s a tacit recognition that he needs his managerial credentials (four rings, six pennants, 11 divisions, one Wild Card) to get over the hump. Dick Allen received just 13.4 percent of the vote.

Go read the entire thing; it’s worth your time.

I mention this mostly to point to this article about Redleg Nation favorite Vada Pinson, who received just 20% of the vote from the Veterans Committee. It’s a nice look back at the career of one of the more consistently under-rated Reds of all-time.