I spent some time this afternoon updating all the blogrolls over in the right-hand column. If you have any favorite blogs that you suggest we add, let me know. I’ve listed most of my favorite blogs from around the majors over there, but I’m sure there are some good ones that I don’t know about.

In any event, please be sure to visit all the blogs in the “Redleg Nation Blogs” category (which I’ve reproduced below this post). The Reds blogosphere is a great one — the fifth most-active team blogosphere in the majors at the time of this post, according to this ranking (behind only the Mets, Red Sox, Yankees, and Cubs — who each have 3-4 times as many blogs as we have in the Reds blogosphere).

We encourage you to check out all the other fine Reds blogs every single day. I do.

UPDATE: I just perused the list that I linked above, and it’s fairly interesting. I’m surprised to see that the Cleveland Indians were dead last, in terms of blog activity. I’m also surprised that the Dodgers and Braves weren’t very far ahead of the Indians. I wouldn’t have expected that.

Meanwhile, the Reds, Nationals, and Pirates are trailing the big four. I doubt anyone would have picked those three teams to have such active team blogospheres.