Will the Reds go north with 11 pitchers on the Opening Day roster? Well, it makes an awful lot of sense, especially in April, when there are more off-days.

John Fay first reported that Jerry Narron was considering doing just that:

Jerry Narron was talking about players with the versatility on the roster when he dropped this: “We might go with 11 pitchers instead of 12. When you all write that, there’s going to be some nervous pitchers in (the clubhouse).” Nervous, indeed. But the when you factor in the Josh Hamilton factor, it could happen. The other thing that makes it plausible is Aaron Harang and Bronson Arroyo are pretty much good for at least six innings every time out.

Stay tuned.

Stay tuned, indeed. I think it would be an outstanding idea. First of all, the Reds don’t have 12 good pitchers anyway; giving that extra spot to a hitter makes it at least marginally possible that the Reds will add a player who is actually useful.

I have a real problem with the current “12 pitcher” fad in roster management. I think it’s an unwise use of resources, in most cases. (Then, if a team further hamstrings itself by carrying three catchers….)

Anyway, now, the official site has a similar article. Narron sounds less sure of the idea now:

“It helps a great deal and it may even help at some point that we can go with 11 pitchers instead of 12,” Narron said. “I know that everybody thinks we’re going to carry 12, and it probably looks that way. But if we can keep as many versatile guys as we can, maybe we can possibly go to 11.”

Okay. We will wait and see, I suppose.

UPDATE: David agrees that this would be a wise decision.