Over at his blog, Post beat writer Lonnie Wheeler has a list of the ten questions about the Reds that he’d like to see answered. It’s a good list, and I encourage you to go over and read them all. Wheeler hit the nail on the head with some of these:

Why is it taken for granted that the Reds are beginning the spring with four established starting pitchers? What have Eric Milton (8-8, 5.19) and Kyle Lohse (5-10, 5.83) done to merit a bye? What if both of them are clearly outpitched in Florida by some combination of Kirk Saarloos, Matt Belisle, Victor Santos, Elizardo Ramirez and one or two others we’re not even considering yet?

Good question. Why are Milton and Lohse getting a free pass?

What if Homer Bailey makes it obvious, during spring training, that he is the third best starter on the Cincinnati staff? Does that void his ticket to Louisville? When does caution give way to immediate need?

Good question. What if that happens?

Why is Joey Votto not generally regarded a candidate for the Opening Day roster? The big first baseman hit .319 with 22 home runs last year in Chattanooga. He’s 23, and there’s time, but in the meantime, does nobody think the Reds could just maybe use a bat like that?

Good question. Does anyone expect Hatteberg to repeat his 2006 performance? (He certainly earned the opportunity to try.)

Discuss these, and all the other pressing questions facing the Reds, below.

UPDATE: I see that Shawn has taken a stab at answering Mr. Wheeler’s questions.