Several articles this morning on the latest controversy involving Reds pitcher Gary Majewski. John Fay discusses it here, Hal McCoy has his take, and the AP and have stories, as well. From Fay’s article:

But saying Gary Majewski, he of the Washington Nationals trade controversy, is not ready to join the other pitchers in drills is a big deal.

So when Reds manager Jerry Narron said Majewski and Eddie Guardado were being held back, it caused a stir. Guardado is coming off elbow surgery, so that was expected. Majewski ended the year healthy after a stint on the disabled list with shoulder inflammation. He was expected to join the pitchers and catchers for the first workout….

The fact that it’s Majewski makes it a bigger deal.

Majewski, a 26-year-old right-hander, is the Red who seems to attract controversy like a magnet – through no fault of his own.

Well, some of it is his fault…he did pitch like a Little Leaguer after coming to the Reds last season. Anyway, I’d love to hear what Wayne Krivsky said about all this yesterday. The fact that there are no quotes from him in any of these stories is telling; last year, you could sense the irritation in his voice whenever the subject arose.

From my perspective, every time Majewski’s name is brought up, it reminds me of “The Trade,” and that makes me sick to my stomach. I think an argument can be made that, excluding “The Trade,” Krivsky has done a good job as General Manager, but last July’s swap with the Nationals is completely indefensible. It was a disaster from the beginning, and hasn’t improved in retrospect.