Shawn, fresh off his look at the best Reds of all time, has taken a look at the starting rotation of our favorite team. His post begins with a very bold statement, and concludes with this:

My take on the Reds’ rotation is that it could very well be the best in the Central, even without Homer Bailey. The Brewers have more depth, but not as many top starters. The Cardinals have potential, but also the potential to tank. Pittsburgh has a lot of talent that has yet to emerge. The Astros still have Oswalt but may have little else. An Astros rotation that includes Roger Clemens could be the best in the division, but that is unsure. And the Cubs are the Cubs. A healthy Mark Prior beats anyone else, but that has been true for years. We are still waiting. I like what the Reds have.

I wish I could agree with that.