Via Reds (and Blues), I see this fine take on the Harang and Arroyo signings over at Beyond the Boxscore (check out the statistical analysis, if you are into that sort of thing). Mike’s conclusions over there mirror my own feelings about these deals:

Regardless, I’m particularly fond of what Krivsky is done with Harang. Even though Harang will turn 30 in May of the 2008 season, I can’t help but like the upside he presents. The Reds are still a low market team, and with the going rate of free agent pitchers so high, locking up a guy like Harang is almost a no-brainer. The Reds can’t afford big name free agent pitchers, and with Homer Bailey as the only top pitching prospect in the minors, I’d have a hard time not criticizing Krivsky for not locking Harang up when he had the chance to.

I personally don’t like the Arroyo deal as much as I like the Harang deal, but give Krivsky some credit for locking down his two current top starters.

Each of these contracts could turn ugly near the latter part of each deal, but for now, it’s probably worth the risk. While neither of these moves are “slam-dunks” in my mind, The Reds have locked up two arms they no longer need to worry about financially.

Yep, smart signings all the way around. Now, if Homer Bailey will just pan out….