In today’s Transaction Analysis:

I know I’ve picked on Wayne Krivsky for a lot of things this winter, but relatively speaking, those are niggling details next to the investment the team’s new ownership has made in its top tandem of quality starters. There’s also the human angle to it, of course, where Arroyo gets a payday to help him overcome feeling chuffed over last year’s contract he signed and home he bought in Boston, anticipating that the Red Sox really wanted him. Harang doesn’t come with any of that drama, but whatever your particular favorite flavor of support-neutral statistic, Harang and Arroyo were among the top 15 starters in baseball, and PECOTA seems pretty sanguine about the Reds getting value over the lives of those deals. If these sorts of things work out, it’s not hard to envision Cincinnati resuming its place on the short list of the country’s best baseball cities as far as fan support, a well-run franchise, and a product worth the fans’ investments of time, passion, and moolah.

I can’t disagree with any of it. Krivsky’s made a lot of silly moves, but other than The Big One, they’ve been small silly moves. The big stuff, he’s done alright on.