Earlier today, Reds broadcaster (and friend of RN) Chris Welsh was a guest on Charley Steiner’s program on XM Radio. It was a short interview, but fairly interesting.

Among the nuggets, Welsh said that GM Wayne Krivsky “got sticker shock” at the winter meetings, and he didn’t feel comfortable gambling on some of the guys that were out there and available. Basically, Welsh said, Krivsky is “a conservative guy.”

He made the point that some have made here that Arroyo and Harang would have made more on the open market, and that “everyone” was happy about the signings, from the front office to the players. The Arroyo extension, according to Welsh, was “a great move.”

In response to the question about the rest of the rotation, Welsh suggested “Harang on Monday, Arroyo on Tuesday, then hope it rains until Saturday.” Similar to my suggestion in many game threads from last season: “Arroyo and Harang, then pray for rain.”

Other tidbits:

On Eric Milton: “Somewhat of a disappointment with the Reds.”

On Kyle Lohse: Has the “best stuff of anyone in the Reds rotation, but he’s been unable to put it all together.”

On the battle for the 5th spot in the rotation: Welsh mentioned Paul Wilson and Kirk Saarlos, and the “range of younger players fighting for that spot.” He said, however, that there are as many questions about “the 3 and 4 guys” as there are about the fifth spot.

On Ken Griffey, Jr.: Welsh thinks there is a decent chance that Junior will play right field this season, for what that’s worth. He noted that the “Reds need his bat in the lineup, wherever he is playing” because he can still hit when healthy.