John Fay reports that the Reds will send someone to scout workouts for Dustin Hermanson this week. The reports are that his back is now healthy. If so, he could hold down the closers spot and prevent them from rushing Guardado back from his elbow rehab.

Hermanson, 34, a right-hander, was limited to 6 2/3 innings last year by back problems. He is working out for teams this week in Arizona to show he’s healthy.

“We’re working on getting someone over to see him,” Reds general manager Wayne Krivsky said. “He’s going to throw a couple of times.”

Hermanson, from Springfield, Ohio, is an intriguing possibility. He saved 34 games for the White Sox in 2005 and had a 2.04 ERA. He had 17 saves in ’04 for the San Francisco Giants.

Hermanson is an 11-year big-league veteran who has pitched in a variety of roles. He went 14-13 with a 4.45 ERA in 33 starts for St. Louis in 2001. He’s 73-78 with a 4.21 ERA for his career. His agent told that his back is fine.

Are the Reds interested?

“We’ll wait and see,” Krivsky said.

I also have to wonder if the Reds are able to land Hermanson if that might free up David Weathers for a deal. The Phillies pursued Weathers as a free agent before he signed with the Reds. The Phils also had recent talks about a Rowand for Linebrink. It seems to me that Rowand would be someone that would interest Krivsky and his defensive minded philosophy. Looks like there could be a match there, but, it’s all speculation on my part.

Also, I’ve seen where both Detroit and Toronto are seeking LH relievers and we have them to spare, Stanton, Cormier, Bray, Shackelford, Guardado, and Coutlangus. Both teams are rumored to have OFs available also. Again, just idle speculation on my part.