The Reds have added a little more pitching, signing Brian Meadows to a minor league contract:

Meadows was 3-6 with a 5.17 ERA and eight saves in 53 games last season for the Devil Rays. A Major Leaguer since 1998, the right-hander has also pitched for the Marlins, Royals, Padres and Pirates.

There have been times over the last few years when Meadows flirted with being a decent pitcher (career stats here), but at age 31, it is fair to say that I expect very little out of this signing. Doesn’t hurt to throw him into the mix, though.

The Reds also agreed to one-year deals with some players who have a reasonable shot to help the Reds in the next year or two, including LHP Phil Dumatrait and 1B Joey Votto. I’d love to see Dumatrait step up and claim that 5th starter’s spot this spring; I’ve seen him pitch in the minors, and he’s looked good at times.