Baseball America has posted the Reds top ten prospects list for this season. The top spots are all just as you were probably expecting.


1. Homer Bailey, rhp
2. Jay Bruce, of
3. Joey Votto, 1b
4. Johnny Cueto, rhp
5. Drew Stubbs, of
6. Travis Woods, lhp
7. Sean Watson, rhp
8. Milton Loo, ss
9. Paul Janish, ss
10. Chris Valaika, ss

Probably the thing that surprised me the most about the list was Milton Loo at number eight as the SS. It could be me, but I always thought he was listed as a 3B in the past. Sure enough, in the 11 games he started last season in the Rookie GCL, 2 were at SS and the other 9 were as the DH. I also found it very interesting that he was projected as the Reds SS in the 2010 major league lineup, especially after just 43 ABs last season. He’s a prospect I will be keeping a close eye on this coming summer.