Dayn Perry Rates the GMs on the Fox Sports site. Well, our guy wasn’t last. 🙂

What follows are the “GM Rankings” for MLB’s current crop of top executives. The rankings are, of course, highly subjective, and they’re based mostly on each GM’s tenure with his current team (although, for those GMs who have toiled elsewhere we’ll give minor consideration to their entire bodies of work).

28. Wayne Krivsky, Reds
On the job since … February 2006
Playoff appearances: 0

Krivsky hasn’t been in Cincy for very long, but he’s already done damage. In particular, the 2006 trade that sent Austin Kearns, Felipe Lopez and Ryan Wagner to the Nationals in exchange for Bill Bray, Gary Majewski, Royce Clayton, Brandan Harris and Daryl Thompson was, from Cincy’s perspective, one of the worst trades of the decade. Like a lot of GMs whose teams toil in hitter-friendly parks, Krivsky acts out of desperation when trying to find pitching.

I guess Red’s fans aren’t the only ones who are less than impressed. Maybe, unbeknown to us, that his flurry of decent moves last year in the Feb. to April time frame was his modus operandi. Maybe he does his best work then and cruises the rest of the year. I wonder if he buys all his Christmas gifts the day before Christmas too.