From Reds Insider:

When looking at last season’s big trade between the Nationals and the Reds, do so as if Gonzalez came to Cincinnati in the deal as well. Why? Austin Kearns is asking for $4.25 million in arbitration from the Nationals, who offered $3.65 million, and Felipe Lopez is asking for $4.1 million and was offered $3.7 million.

If they still were on Cincinnati’s roster, the Reds would not have had the money to sign Gonzalez.

The question is whether Bill Bray, Gary Majewski and Gonzalez are worth what Kearns, Lopez and Ryan Wagner are.

Ok…what am I missing? If the Reds still had Lopez and were paying him $4.1M (or $3.5M), why would they need to sign Gonzalez? The truth is that the trade has come down to Kearns, Lopez, and Wagner for Bray, Majewski, and 1/2 a season of Clayton.

Fay’s apologies for Krivsky are becoming more ludicrous by the day.