From the Columbus Dispatch:

Cincinnati Reds relief pitcher Brian Shackelford loaded his pickup yesterday with humanitarian aid and started the 90-mile drive from Oklahoma City to his ice-bound hometown in McAlester, Okla.

A winter storm hit the state Friday with sleet, freezing rain and snow and left McAlester without electricity or telephone service.

“I got as much as I could,” said Shackelford, who spoke en route by cell phone. “My whole family lives down there. I’ve got a couple of generators. I bought some extra gas cans and filled them up. There was only one store open with gas (Sunday) and it was a 2½ hour wait. It’s been unbelievable.”

Shackelford said the information is spotty because frozen tree limbs have fallen and knocked down power lines.

“It’s been hard to get hold of anybody,” he said. “There are supplies in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. It’s just nobody knows what’s going on in McAlester. Once I see what people need, I may go back to Oklahoma City for another load.”

The storm has been blamed for about 15 deaths in Oklahoma and thousands are without electricity.

“We’re hoping the weather warms up and some of the ice melts,” Shackelford said. “But the limbs are still going to be falling and knocking down more power lines. This happened about six years ago and some people were without electricity for weeks.”

Nice to see a good story about a professional athlete.