From the DDN:

Nuxhall was master of ceremonies at the 28th annual Knights of Columbus Sports Stag, held at the Father Butler Council in Hamilton.

“I’m saying right now, I think he’s going to be in the starting rotation,” Nuxhall said of the 20-year-old Bailey, the Reds’ most promising prospect who was almost untouchable at Class AA Chattanooga last season.

This despite Narron saying he’ll be at AAA and Krivsky giving huge hints that he’ll start there.

“The big thing that has to happen, he has to show consistency with his breaking ball and off-speed pitches,” said the 78-year-old Nuxhall, former Reds pitcher and radio broadcaster, probably the most beloved sports celebrity in Southwest Ohio.

“If he shows that consistency during spring training,” Nuxhall added, “I’m predicting he’ll be there.”

I’m not saying any of this means anything, but it was Reds news in a slow period.