Former Major League Baseball commissioner Fay Vincent revealed today that he has information linking Pete Rose to years of gambling – and losing big – on haircuts.

“Several very reliable sources have told me that Rose has been spending $5 to $7 on haircuts for years, and continued to do so even after he was banned from baseball for gambling,” Vincent said. “You can’t spend that little money on a haircut and expect to get good results.”

Vincent pointed to Rose’s long history of awful haircuts – from uneven crew cuts to ragged, tapered bowl cuts as evidence that the hit king’s gambling problems continue unabated.

Baseball has been considering an end to Rose’s ban, but Vincent said that a lifting of the ban should not even be thought of until Rose gets a good haircut.

“Until he stops gambling on his hair and spends at least $12 to $15 on a cut, he should remain out of baseball,” Vincent said.