In a review of the Reds organization on CBS Sportsline, Larry Dobrow is pretty unimpressed with the Reds’ GM’s performance.

Never once have I entertained the possibility that I could do a better job running a baseball team than the dudes/dudettes currently in charge of whatever franchise I’m evaluating.

That said, after conducting a full-body franchise physical, I am reasonably certain I could do a better job running the Cincinnati Reds than Wayne Krivsky.

So could you, you and you — that’s right, you over there, with the hair and the teeth and the prosthetic appendage. Well, maybe not you, Mom; your affinity for “toolsy” players doesn’t fly in this era of Moneyballing and imprudent spending.

Not only can I Save This Franchise!™©®?, but I’d like to be considered for the gig when Cincy ownership gets wise to Krivsky’s contractual and asset-swapping impotence within a year or two. Assuming Les Rouges are general-managed with even the barest hint of competence over the next 12 months, they’ve got a narrow window for contention in the two or three seasons to follow. Seriously, where should I send my resumé?

Admittedly, the article seems to have the intent of stirring the pot. But Dobrow does make some valid observations on the club’s newfound, thanks to Krivsky, lack of offense. I found it rather humorous, but probably mostly because I agree with Dobrow’s following statement:

I dunno. Krivsky has only held the gig for a little while, but he hasn’t left anybody brimming with optimism for what comes next.

Here’s hoping Wayne lights up the transaction column with something positive for us Reds fans soon.