Are we seeing a pattern here?

Another long-time member of the Cincinnati Reds front office is gone.

Johnny Almaraz, director of player development/international operations, turned in his resignation and the Reds are expected to announce it today.

At the end of last season, highly regarded senior special assistant Larry Barton Jr. quit after 39 years in the Reds’ organization.

Both Barton and Almaraz were unhappy that their input with new General Manager Wayne Krivsky was minimal and they were out of the loop.

When Larry Barton resigned last week, I was quick to dismiss his grumbling as sour grapes. My first reaction here is a similar one. This, however, makes me wonder if the Reds are operating a high school study hall rather than a Major League Baseball organization:

“I’m not included in any of the discussions and, in fact, when I walked into the suite during the winter meetings Wayne and his people would lower their voices to a whisper or take their discussions into the bedroom,” Almaraz said.