Minor league guru John Sickels has posted his Reds Top 20 prospect list.

Bailey (A) is first, then Bruce (A-).  Joey Votto also gets a good grade (B+), but after that, things drop off real fast.  The phrase “useful bullpen spare part” is used a half-dozen times (all in reference to guys that Krivsky kept on the 40-man over Brandon Claussen, by the way).  B.J. Szymanski has dropped all the way to #20.

In short, this ain’t a good system.  There are a few interesting guys who are years away, like Milton Loo and Chris Valaika, but pretty much everyone is either low-ceiling (Wood, LeCure, the AA relievers), or has probably-insurmountable flaws, like not being able to hit (Stubbs, Janish, Szymanski).