Not a good media day for our general manager. First, there’s the rumor that he’s offered $6M/2 to SECOND BASEMAN Mark Loretta. That makes no sense at all, to anyone.

Then (courtesy of Red Reporter), Hal McCoy has a lengthy(and frankly, pretty shocking) article about Krivksy’s perception in the front office.

The article is definitely worth reading – and kudos to McCoy for the scoop. The source is former Reds senior special assistant Larry Barton Jr., one of two long-long-long-term Reds guys who convinced Castellini to hire Krivksy instead of Jim Beattie, (the owner’s first choice). Barton was with the Reds for 38 years, outlasting Howsam, Wagner, Bergesh, Cook, Quinn, Leatherpants, and O’Brien.

Now, 10 months later, Barton pulled a Johnny PayCheck and told Krivsky, “Take this job and shove it, I don’t work here anymore.”

“Wayne has changed,” said Barton, confirming the Beattie/Krivsky scenario. “After what went on this year, I just had enough. Wayne isn’t the person I thought he was.”

Barton’s main complaint is that Krivsky wasn’t listening to his advice, especially the trade of Austin Kearns and Felipe Lopez to the Washington Nationals for shortstop Royce Clayton and pitchers Gary Majewski and Bill Bray.

Barton seems to say that when Krivsky presented the Arroyo trade, it was for any one of Pena, Kearns, or Dunn, but that Boston wanted Pena. (If Krivsky was willing to trade Dunn for Arroyo, straight-up, last March, he’s clueless). But since Pena was surplus, Barton advised him to go for it.

But when Krivsky said he was trading another outfielder, Kearns, and a 25-year-old All-Star shortstop (Lopez) for an old shortstop (Clayton) and a couple of pitchers, “I told him I didn’t like the deal and asked who was going to play shortstop next year, and he told me, ‘I’m not worried about next year.’ ”

Barton said when the Reds were ready to acquire pitcher Eddie Guardado from Seattle, a scout told him Guardado had a bad arm that could blow any time, “But Wayne said he had talked to his agent and was told Guardado just had a bad back and his arm was OK.”

Barton also disagreed with last year’s – and apparently next year’s plan to go with three catchers: “They need pitching, not three catchers.” The article goes on to say that people were falsely told that Barton retired, but in reality, “I just got tired of fighting with him on the deals he made late last season.”

Then, there’s this comment from Will Carroll’s daily report from the meetings:

So far, Wayne Krivsky’s not making friends. “He’s signing guys no one wants and pushing the bar up.” I can’t print the rest of the quote from an NL official.