The Reds unveiled their new uniforms last night at Redsfest. (Pictures on the Enquirer’s website, linked here.)

The home alternative red uniforms are going to take some getting used to. The home uniforms are ok, but kind of plain. The road uniforms look like ’70’s polyester uniforms…ugh.

I know I’m in the minority, but I liked the black trim and black sleeves.

Bob Castellini also made some interesting comments at Redsfest concerning the budget.

After his words on the stage, Castellini said something else that will please the fans: The Reds aren’t backing away from deals just because of money.

“Nothing is out of the realm,” he said. “If we have to run over (the budget) a bit, we will.”

The Reds have kept their payroll a secret.

The only thing Castellini said on the subject is “it’s not going to $100 million.”

Based on what they’re paying players already under contract and what players will get in arbitration, the Reds already are approaching $70 million, easily a team record.

Castellini said that the Reds do not have a set number yet.

“There’s no exactness to it,” he said. “It’s close but not exact.”

So, they’re willing to spend money, but the best they could do was sign Gonzalez and Stanton?

Also on changes to GABP:

The Reds keep working toward that. They announced a three-year deal with Cincinnati Bell to build a two-story riverboat on top of the batter’s eye. The party room in the current batter’s eye will be turned into a meeting and technology center that will be open year-round.

On game days, the roof-top deck will hold 150 fans.

I don’t know how this will turn out, but it’ll help dress up the hideous batter’s eye in CF, which can’t be all bad.

Anyone attend? Thoughts, impressions?