The Reds signed Chad Moeller today to join David Ross and Javier Valentin in the Reds catching corps.

First question: why?

I’m perfectly willing to believe that Moeller was signed in anticipation of a move or two yet to come (possibly involving one of our catchers); I’ll give Krivsky the benefit of that doubt. And I can even believe that this signing is because Krivsky loves having three catchers on the roster. I disagree with that strategy, but it’s something we can discuss.

But can’t you find a hundred other catchers just like Chad Moeller who would sign a minor league contract, rather than a guaranteed one-year deal?

Aaaaah, whatever. Gimme an explanation, if you can. I can’t get too worked up about this signing; it’s just a backup catcher after all, and it isn’t likely to cost us much in the standings, if anything.