GM meetings over and the Reds were very quiet. No moves, and the following piece from the Boston Herald is the only additional rumor I have even heard, and it is a very bad one, if not expected.

There have been rumblings that the White Sox or Reds are gaining ground on landing free agent shortstop Alex Gonzalez with a three-year deal worth about $5 million a season. The Red Sox are not believed to be interested in anything other than a one-year deal for Gonzalez. Asked about the reports, Epstein said, “We don’t comment on free agent talks.”

The White Sox are not high on legally troubled shortstop Juan Uribe, while the Reds could use Gonzalez at short and move Brandon Phillips to second. . . .

It’s becoming obvious the minimum requirements for playing SS for Cincinnati are now, must be an exceptional fielder, must also maintain an OBP less than .300 and an OPS less than .700.