Prospect guru Kevin Goldstein (Baseball Prospectus) has issued his top 10 list for the Reds. It’s subscription-only, but I can give you the highlights:

Excellent Prospects
1. Homer Bailey, RHP
2. Jay Bruce, RF
Very Good Prospects
3. Joey Votto, 1B
Good Prospects
4. Drew Stubbs, CF
5. Johnny Cueto, RHP
6. Travis Wood, LHP
7. Sean Watson, LHP
Average Prospects
8. Milton Loo, SS/3B
9. Chris Valaika, SS
10. Paul Janish, SS

He goes on to rank all under-25 players in the system, which comes out with Bailey and Bruce ahead of Encarnacion (who he likes a lot), then Votto, Stubbs, Brandon Phillips and Bill Bray. The list then picks up with Cueto, etc.

Goldstein writes that Baily/Bruce are arguably the best hitter/pitcher prospect duo in baseball, but the Reds system is still below average.