From an article in the USA Today, which shows the pitchers that received votes in the Cy Young balloting…

Those that received votes (1st place votes):

Webb (15), Hoffman (12), Carpenter (2), Oswalt (3), Zambrano, Wagner, Smoltz, Saito

Neither Bronson Arroyo, nor Aaron Harang received a vote.

Arroyo was led the league in innings pitched, led the league in games started (tied with Harang), was 3rd in ERA+, 4th in ERA, 5th in complete games.

Harang was first in games started (tied with Arroyo), first in complete games, first in strikeouts, tied for first in the league in wins, 3rd in shutouts, and 3rd in innings pitched.

I’m not claiming that either should have won the award, but not to even garner a vote?