The GM Meetings began yesterday, and action has been slow thus far. I have run across several Red’s related rumors that I thought I’d pass along for discussion. First off is this piece from a Jerry Crasnick ESPN article on Krivsky listening to offers for Adam Dunn.

Adam Dunn, Cincinnati
Reds GM Wayne Krivsky hasn’t wrenched his back yet trying to move Dunn, but lots of people say he’s in full-fledged listening mode.
Dunn hit 40 homers for the third straight season, and the tape-measure jobs still generate oohs and ahs. But his combined on-base/slugging percentage has dipped from .957 to .855 since 2004, and some people think his heart went out of it a little bit after the Reds traded his buddy Austin Kearns to Washington. He never projected a tremendous amount of fire before that.

“He’s a very strange package,” said an American League executive. “The power is incredible, obviously, and he does walk a lot. But the defense is brutal and the strikeouts are brutal. I think they’d move him if they could.”

Krivsky spent a lot of years in Minnesota, where the Twins stressed pitching and defense, and Dunn doesn’t fit that philosophy. Cost is also a concern. Dunn will make $10.5 million in 2007, and the Reds have a $13 million option for 2008. That’s a lot of money for a DH — especially in a league where the position doesn’t exist.

Here’s the problem: While Krivsky made some inspired acquisitions last offseason — adding Bronson Arroyo and Brandon Phillips — he put a dent in his offensive surplus when he traded Kearns and Felipe Lopez to the Nationals in July. The Reds ranked ninth in the NL in runs scored, and Rich Aurilia, who hit 23 homers, is a free agent. If Krivsky moves Dunn, he’ll want both pitching and an impact bat in return.

Baltimore and Texas are among the American League clubs that might have an interest. The Astros are more likely to pursue Carlos Lee and Alfonso Soriano through free agency, but they’ll at least kick the tires on Dunn.

Pittsburgh makes some sense, given the short right field at PNC Park and the team’s need for a lefty power hitter. But it’s hard to see the Pirates shelling out the coin for Dunn. They’re more likely to focus on a younger, less costly bat, such as Arizona’s Chad Tracy or Florida’s Mike Jacobs.

I hope he is correct that Krivsky will get both pitching and an impact bat if dealt. If he doesn’t, he failed.

The following snippet from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution mentions the Reds as being a party interested in 2B Marcus Giles.

The Braves are listening to offers for second baseman Marcus Giles, who appears likely to be dealt for several reasons — his salary ($5.5 million or more in 2007), his pending free agency after next season, and organizational depth in middle-infield prospects.

Schuerholz said restoring the pitching staff to an elite level remains his top priority — as difficult as that might appear considering the team’s payroll constraints.

San Diego and Cincinnati are among teams interested in Giles. The Padres have a setup reliever the Braves covet, Scott Linebrink.

I’ve always liked Giles, it would be interesting to see what it will take to acquire him. This would give us Phillips at SS and Giles at 2B I presume.

The following is a mention from the Dallas Morning News and mentions Texas’ interest in acquiring Ryan Freel.

A more likely trade possibility might be Cincinnati’s Ryan Freel. He could be part of a platoon in center and would also replace some of the versatility that the club will lose if Mark DeRosa signs elsewhere, as expected.

Sounds like Krivsky may be listening to offers for Freel now also. Interesting, since right now he would most likely be either our starting RF or 2B.

Also there are many rumors of various teams interested in FAs Rich Aurilia and David Weathers, who are probably the two most desireable Reds free agents. Can’t wait to see what pans out.