Here’s a quick summarization of the Red’s prospects who were ranked in the top 20 prospects in their league by Baseball America.

International League

20. Chris Denorfia, of, Louisville (Reds)

Southern League

1. Homer Bailey, rhp, Chattanooga (Reds)
7. Joey Votto, 1b, Chattanooga (Reds)

Florida State League

1. Homer Bailey, rhp, Sarasota (Reds)
14. Johnny Cueto, rhp, Sarasota (Reds)

Midwest League

1. Jay Bruce, of, Dayton (Reds)
12. Johnny Cueto, rhp, Dayton (Reds)

Pioneer League

7. Drew Stubbs, of, Billings (Reds)
13. Chris Valiaka, ss, Billings (Reds)

The only league the Reds were shut out in was the Gulf Coast Rookie level team. This is a much better showing than the organization has had in some time. Only surprise here to me is that Drew Stubbs rode his tools and high draft position to such a high rating in the Rookie level Pioneer League. Hopefully he will back that rating up next season at A Dayton and look more like Jay Bruce than BJ Szymanski.


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  1. seadoo3d52

    what about logan parker the #8 hitter in the pionner leauge